inflation lessons from cup of coffee

Inflation, Retirement, and Investing – Lessons from a Cup of Coffee

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Inflation can be a real problem in retirement. It has been called the “silent killer” of personal finance because it slowly eats away at purchasing…

When to Claim Social Security May Depend on Life Expectancy... Get UNBROKE

When to Claim Social Security May Depend on Life Expectancy

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Claiming Social Security is an important part of retirement/financial planning, especially the when part. I am not going to write about all of the nuances…

Get UNBROKE - How far a $1 miliion gets you in retirement by state

Your Retirement Money May Go Further in These States

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Retirement planning is difficult. There are many assumptions that need to be made, one being where you will live and how far your money will…

Get UNBROKE - 401(k) Match

Opting Out of a 401(k) Could Cost You $250k

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The 401(k) was created after the Revenue Act of 1978 went into law. The man who is given credit for utilizing the Act to build…

Get UNBROKE - Jack and Jill - 10 year v. 30 years savings

Why the Time to Save is Now!

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I am sure many have been shown an example like this before, but it really is too powerful not to revisit, often. The time to…