Debt Management

NY Fed Houusehold Debt and Credit Report infographic

Record US Household Debt, Falling Savings and More Financial Red Flags

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I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but congratulations ’Merica, you have once again hit a new household debt record of…

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Mortgage Interest Deductibility Has Its Limits

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One benefit of home ownership is the ability to deduct the interest on the mortgage you take out to acquire the home or the equity…

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When Repaying Debt, Avalanche Beats Snowball

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There are two schools of thought on how to pay down your debts. They are the avalanche and snowball method. One is based on math…

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The Good, the Bad and Ugly of Consumer Debt

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Congrats America, a new record level of debt! (Federal Reserve Bank of NY) Unless you were born privileged (if so, lucky you) you will at…