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    Lump Sum or Annuity? Give me it all…

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    Whether to take the lump sum or the annuity… Oh boy, if only we were forced into this tough decision, what would you take?!? As…

    Kid Covers His Face

    Bad financial advice from the New York Times

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     I’ve heard some bad financial advice over the years, but the recent advice provided by the New York Times is something worse than that… Recently…


    3 Solid Reasons to Remain Calm After Equity Selloff

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    Ouch, that kind of hurt. I haven’t felt pain like that in quite a while now.  Actually, it was 404 days to be exact, which…

    Should I Invest Right Now infographic

    Should I Invest Right Now? History Suggests an Answer

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    Should you invest right now? Talk about a tough question. There is no one correct answer to the question of when to invest in the market…

    Bull and Bear Market Historic Facts [infographic]

    Bull Markets Are Stronger But Investors Still Fear the Bear

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    Bull markets and bear markets can be good or bad depending on how you have positioned your investment portfolio. For most investors, bull markets are…

    Dividend Reinvestment and the Power of Compounding [Infographic]

    Dividend Reinvestment and the Power of Compounding

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    Dividend reinvestment plays a huge part of the total return you will receive as an investor. As you can see from the example shown here,…

    3rd Quarter 2017 Asset Class Returns... Get UNBROKE

    3rd Quarter 2017 Asset Class Returns

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    Third quarter asset class returns are in and overall most assets had a positive quarter. As always there were winners like the Brazil equity index…

    Duration bond value and interest rates [infographic]

    Understanding Interest Rates and Bond Duration

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    Duration doesn’t sound important, but if you are a bond investor it is extremely helpful. A bond or bond portfolio duration will give you an…

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    Really? Dimon’s Bitcoin Rhetoric Doesn’t Add Up

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    Bitcoin is a fraud but we still want to make money off you In the world of Wall Street, things don’t always or should I…

    Get UNBROKE -Risk-Volatility Test based on past 2 bear markets in S&P 500

    Investors: Take the Risk/Volatility Test

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    A good litmus test for how much risk/volatility you can stomach is reviewing market extremes and seeing how you handled your portfolio during that time.…