Financial Planning

Interest rate threat to home prices infographic

Why Rising Interest Rates May Impact Home Values

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“I don’t plan to sell my house right now so I don’t care how rising mortgage rates may impact the value of my house.” This…

When the Dow drops, check your financial plan

When the Market Drops Look at Your Financial Plan

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So how do you react and what is the proper response when there is a stock market drop and the Dow dips more than 700…

How to Become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

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So you are interested in becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ or CFP®? Good because that is exactly what I am going to talk to you…

Create Your Personal Financial Statement… Get UNBROKE Infographic

Start Mapping Your Future With Personal Financial Statements

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Personal financial statements, much like that X or finger pointing YOU ARE HERE on a map, let you know exactly where you currently stand financially. Why…

Get UNBROKE - Trade Settlement

Keep Settlement Times in Mind When Withdrawing Funds

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Starting Sept. 5, trade settlement will finally improve, slightly. Now when you buy or sell a stock or bond instead of waiting three days for…

Get UNBROKE - Winning the Powerball

If You Win the Powerball Lottery Get Help Immediately

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So you are saying there’s a chance to win the Powerball lottery. Well yes, but only an ever so slight one. You are much more…

Get UNBROKE - Fed Reserve NY Quarterly Debt Update 2Q 2017

Our Record Debt Only Tells Half the Story

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Congrats ‘Merica, once again we have hit a new debt record, $12.84 trillion. While this alone may not be an issue, there are couple data…

Get UNBROKE - How to utilize 0% credit cards

With Discipline, Credit Cards Can be Useful

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…As a financial planner I can generally say I hate credit cards. I say this because I have witnessed time and time again the destructive…

Get UNBROKE - stashin cash - current savings rates for emergency funds

A Financial Plan Starts With ‘Stashin’ Cash’

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The first step in any financial plan is to start building savings. Your goal should be to put away enough funds so that you can…

Get UNBROKE - Roth v Traditional IRA

How to Choose Between Roth Vs. Traditional IRA

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I get the question a lot: “Which is better; a traditional or a Roth IRA?” With most things in financial planning, and life for that matter,…

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