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The True Cost of Being Wrong…

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There was a lot of talk from the news media, financial pundits, financial advisors, asset managers and others outside Wall Street calling for a big…

Ignoring your homeowners insurance policy could cost you a fortune, says a financial planner

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Post originally appeared on Business Insider 9/18/20, and can be found HERE. Ever wonder what would happen if your house burned down and it was…

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A Financial Plan Starts With ‘Stashin’ Cash’

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The first step in any financial plan is to start building savings. Your goal should be to put away enough funds so that you can…

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What Your Emergency Fund Should Include

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OK, I know it is super boring, but 100% necessary. We need to get an emergency fund in place ASAP. Here’s what your emergency fund…


How to Make a Financial Plan in 7 Basic Steps

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We all have to-do lists, some may call them goals, which may include quitting smoking, getting back to the gym, losing weight, reconnecting with old…