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When to Claim Social Security May Depend on Life Expectancy... Get UNBROKE

When to Claim Social Security May Depend on Life Expectancy

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Claiming Social Security is an important part of retirement/financial planning, especially the when part. I am not going to write about all of the nuances…

Charles Dickens on Financial Planning... Learning from Legends

Charles Dickens on Financial Planning… Learning from Legends

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Financial planning advice from Charles Dickens may sound complicated at first, but it really is pretty simple: Spend less than you make and you will…

Kid Covers His Face

Really? Dimon’s Bitcoin Rhetoric Doesn’t Add Up

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Bitcoin is a fraud but we still want to make money off you In the world of Wall Street, things don’t always or should I…

Financial Funnies - Dollar per point for exam

Dollar Per Point Professor… Financial Funnies

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Dollar per point but not the outcome you might expect… Happy Friday. If you haven’t recently reviewed your financial plan you should contact your CERTIFIED…

Get UNBROKE - Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Facts You Need to Know

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Power of attorney can be used for making financial or healthcare decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so on your own.…

Learning from legends - Make sure you haven't lost things money can't buy - George Lorimer

George Lorimer on Keeping Perspective… Learning from Legends

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Keeping perspective is important, there are things that money can buy and things money can never buy. When building out a financial plan the starting…

Financial Funnies - Jack Benny - Save when salary is small

Jack Benny on Saving… Financial Funnies

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Legendary comedian Jack Benny was onto something when he said: “Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you…

Get UNBROKE - Equifax Data Breach

How You Should Respond to the Equifax Data Breach

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Equifax Data Breach If you haven’t heard there was a large Equifax data breach recently. The early estimates are that as many as 143 million…

Financial Funnies - Malcolm Forbes - Earning money the old fashion way, inheritance

Malcolm Forbes on Inheritance… Financial Funnies

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“I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died.” – Malcolm Forbes Inheritance is the way…

Create Your Personal Financial Statement… Get UNBROKE Infographic

Start Mapping Your Future With Personal Financial Statements

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Personal financial statements, much like that X or finger pointing YOU ARE HERE on a map, let you know exactly where you currently stand financially. Why…