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    Interest rate threat to home prices infographic

    Why Rising Interest Rates May Impact Home Values

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    “I don’t plan to sell my house right now so I don’t care how rising mortgage rates may impact the value of my house.” This…

    Best Way to Finance Large Purchases – UNBROKE Financial Literacy Tip

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    At one time or another most people will likely have to finance large purchases. Whether we’re paying for a car or a house, how we…

    Paying Off Credit Card Debt – UNBROKE Financial Literacy Tip

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    Getting out of credit card debt is hard. First, we need to change our thought process and behavior; then we need sacrifice and suffer. What I…

    The Emergency Fund – UNBROKE Financial Literacy Tip

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    I have written extensively in the past about emergency funds and how important they are. Without a proper fund, it is impossible to move forward…

    When the Dow drops, check your financial plan

    When the Market Drops Look at Your Financial Plan

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    So how do you react and what is the proper response when there is a stock market drop and the Dow dips more than 700…

    Making the Right Student Loan Choice Can Save You Thousands

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    You may have read articles blaming many factors for the disappearing middle class in the United States. While automation, outsourcing, high executive pay, low middle-income…

    inflation lessons from cup of coffee

    Inflation, Retirement, and Investing – Lessons from a Cup of Coffee

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    Inflation can be a real problem in retirement. It has been called the “silent killer” of personal finance because it slowly eats away at purchasing…

    Donald Rumsfeld 'unknown unknowns' quote

    Rumsfeld and the Unknown Unknowns of Investing… Learning from Legends

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    “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say, there are…


    3 Solid Reasons to Remain Calm After Equity Selloff

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    Ouch, that kind of hurt. I haven’t felt pain like that in quite a while now.  Actually, it was 404 days to be exact, which…

    NY Fed Houusehold Debt and Credit Report infographic

    Record US Household Debt, Falling Savings and More Financial Red Flags

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    I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but congratulations ’Merica, you have once again hit a new household debt record of…