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Ben Franklin on Education… Learning from Legends

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Education is invaluable, and as Ben Franklin says knowledge will be the best investment you can ever make. I have found in my life and in the lives of my most successful clients there is one attribute that is universally shared, a natural curiosity and a thirst to continue to learn.

In the traditional sense knowledge/education meant schooling. While I still believe the minimum level of education necessary these days is a college degree, there are many other ways we can now acquire knowledge. The obvious tool we have that we didn’t have before years ago is the internet and the vast amount of knowledge it provides. This includes:

  • Courses at Yale HERE and Harvard HERE.
  • Math, Science, Economics and more through the Kahn Academy HERE.
  • Learning to code through the Code Academy HERE.

The best part, these are all free! While traditional education is important, we have never before been given such an amazing opportunity to acquire knowledge. While education planning is very important, the earlier we begin to save the more likely we will be able to afford college costs in the future, I think it is equally important to take advantage of these free tools as much as possible.

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