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Warren Buffett on Gold… Learning from Legends

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There have been many stories about the pros and cons of investing in gold, I think Warren Buffett put it best here. It is difficult to find an intrinsic value for something that is used for jewelry and to replace currencies if all of a sudden the fiat money system crashes. That is Buffett’s point here, would you rather have something that rises and falls in price based on supply and demand or would you rather have assets that cash flow and can possibly appreciate in value on top of it?!? And have a Trillion of walking around money too…

If you are buying gold because you think the dollar will inevitably be worthless I will leave you with this thought. You are better off buying guns, ammo and canned goods because if the dollar does crash and you are left using your gold as a currency those with the guns will have no problem taking all they need in this world, your gold included.

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