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Investing 101 – A title like this makes investing sound easy and something that can be learned quickly. I can assure you that it isn’t and it can’t. Investing is hard; well successful investing is hard.

Anybody can open a brokerage account and enter buy/sell orders until their account hits $0. To invest successfully you have to understand business and the markets, but more importantly, you have to understand yourself.

What’s somewhat surprising is the former is much easier to do than the latter.

How you behave in up markets and down markets, that is how you allow fear and greed to control your decision making, will have a huge impact on what type of returns your investments generate.

This video is just a starting point; it is meant as an outline of those things you should be most concerned with when investing.

  • Time Horizon – Over long periods even the most volatile investments have positive returns.
  • Risk/Behavior – You have to be comfortable with the risk you take, that dictates your behavior.
  • Fees – The more you pay to invest, the less you’ll have in your portfolio over time.

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