Charles C. Weeks Jr.

I grew up in a blue-collar, middle class family; I was the first in the family to go away to college and the first to work in business.

I graduated from LaSalle University where I majored in Finance and minored in Accounting, and Villanova Law where I focused on Tax and Estate Planning.

Prior to founding Barrister in 2010, I worked as a Financial Advisor and Financial Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Accenture and Merrill Lynch.   


My parents taught me invaluable morals and values, but they could only teach what they themselves were taught. They, like most, were never taught Financial Literacy. We all learn reading, writing and, as my grandpop used to say, ‘rithmetic, in school, but we aren’t taught the most important subject, personal finance. No matter if you are a teacher, electric company supervisor, nurse, doctor, government worker, lawyer, doctor or business owner your profession should be your personal finances. The goal of this website is to improve your financial literacy, and in turn, your personal finances.